amy and kristian

Hi everyone! We’re Amy and Kristian (and that’s our dopey dog, Indy!) and we’re recent Southern California transplants by way of Brooklyn, NY. We made our way out west for sunshine, sea breeze, and a change of page in May of 2016 and have fully embraced all that this area has to offer. We rent a tiny little Santa Monica bungalow with a currently decrepit backyard, but we have our heats set on transforming it into a little urban oasis.

Join us as we learn the ropes of edible gardening, build raised beds, try out hands at DIY construction projects, and learn the ins and outs of urban farming. When we first started researching how to embark on this project, everything we found seemed to be written for experienced gardeners, so we’ll do our best to dilute all of the information that we learn and make it easy for anyone to grow their own food, no matter how much space you have.

Growing your own food, composting, reducing food waste, and reducing your carbon footprint in any way possible can go a long way in helping our planet — no step is too small!